Related to Mcm2-7 family but apparently in distinct complex. Suggested involvement in elongation step of DNA replication (although conflicting reports). Absent in Sc and Sp.




Molecular weight


Biochemical properties

•helicase (1)

•ATPase (DNA dependent) (1)


•Walker ATPase (1)



•Orc2 and Cdc6 (2)

•Mcm2-7 (4) , but note that this differs from (3) and

(1)   latter in Xl







Cellular location and expression


• localises BrdU spots (1)

•Loads after other MCMs in cell cycle (1)



•Loads after other MCMs in cell cycle (3)

• cell location {Kinoshita et al., 2008, Microsc Res Tech, 71, 288-97}


Other comments

(1) – (Xl in vitro extracts) suggest function in elongation Vs (2) (RNAi mammalian cells) suggest role in preRC formation (Cdc6 recruitment to chromatin) 


•Some eukaryotes have a related protein Mcm9



• recombination phenotype/ role in meiosis (5)




•controlled by e2f1-4 (7)


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13 July 09



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